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Carpet Cleaning Services

Alexander Carpet Cleaning offer specialist carpet cleaning services across much of Rother, Hastings and Eastbourne areas.

After an Alexander Carpet Clean you’ll want to spend as much time with your new carpet as possible!

Tough Stains?

Alexander Carpet Cleaning have earned a great reputation for being able to tackle even the most stubborn of stains.

Food, mud and dirt stains are a thing of the past, and even gum and paint spills can be greatly improved upon.

Contact Alexander Carpet Cleaning today to make those food, wine and grime stains disappear!

Pet Problems?

We are a nation of animal lovers, its true - but our pride and joys do make a mess!

If you struggle with pet hair and mess ruining your carpet, then call Alexander Carpet Cleaning to revive your carpet and make it as good as new!

Call us today on: 07773602216